Specialised CMS

Nowadays websites are not just pages to showcase your products.  Websites can act more like a full system that can take care of other business functions. We discuss with our clients to find a solutions for the following:

  • How we can integrate your current back office software with your online presence
  • Develop an online system that takes care of all your business operations
  • Use an online system that can be accessible from anywhere ... you just need internet access!
  • Reduce costs by replacing old software in one online system
For example: if you are a Property Agent you need a system whereby you store details about each property and your clients.  Obviously you do not want to show all the details on the public website.  Our CMS allows you to login and store data which is both public and/or private.
Another big advantage over proprietary software installed on a computer is that you can perform updates from and computer with an internet connection.  
On the other hand the software that you are currently using may be highly specialised and it is just not worth it to replace it with a web based system.  We also have solutions for such problems.  It may be possible to connect to these systems with your website.  For example: your clients make an order on the website and that order is automatically entered into your back office software.
 If you are currently using a software for your internal system and you need to integrate the software with your new website, contact us to find a more streamlined solution.


Other Website Packages which might be more suitable for what you have in mind:

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