Those were NOT the days. Now YOU've got the POWER!

Remember a time when you had to contact your web-designer every time you needed to make some change to your website? This would increase costs drastically to keep your website up to date. It would also mean having to wait for your webmaster to update the website.

Well, luckily enough, those days are over.

All the websites we developed are based on powerful, scalable, flexible and easy to use Content Management Systems. Basically all our clients are provided with login details so that they can logon to their website and make unlimited day to day changes. Depending on the nature of the website, our clients are empowered to unlimted access to

Changing text
Create / Edit / Delete news updates
Create / Edit / Delete events
Create / Edit / Delete products
Updating promotional banners
Creating photo albums
Uploading images
View and manage online orders and invoices
Review online submissions
Manage newsletter Subscriptions
Update SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - relative information such as page-titles, meta tags and page urls.
and so much more!

We train all our clients on how to update their own website. Updating your website is a VERY EASY process. We have dedicated many hours to make this as simple as possible. Its as easy as updating your Facebook page, or typing an article on your computer!